Take Action

Speak to City Council

Citizen delegates can make 5-minute presentations to Guelph City Council at the meeting on June 14th, 2021.  The deadline to register to speak is 10 am on Friday, June 11th.  Register by emailing [email protected] or by phoning the City and asking to speak to the Clerks’ office. (519-822-1260).


Phone and write to members of Council

Make your views known to members of Council.  Contact Mayor Guthrie and your ward councillor. Tell them you support the recommendation of the Heritage Guelph Committee, because designating a Heritage Conservation District (Part 4 AND 5 of the Heritage Act) for the OR lands will fulfill the vision of the Guelph Innovation District plan.  Copy your correspondence to [email protected] so it will also appear in the agenda for the June 14th meeting.  (Deadline is Friday, June 11th at 10 am).


Mayor Cam Guthrie: [email protected]                                519-837-5643


Ward 1:

Bob Bell: [email protected]                                                519-803-5343

Dan Gibson: [email protected]                                      519-827-6407

Ward 2:

Rodrigo Goller: [email protected]                             226-821-1146

James Gordon: [email protected]                             519-827-6481

Ward 3:

June Hofland: [email protected]                                 519-822-1260 Ext. 2505

Phil Allt: [email protected]                                                  519-827-6579

Ward 4:

Christine Billings: [email protected]                      519-826-0567

Mike Salisbury: [email protected]                            519-827-7398

Ward 5:

Cathy Downer: [email protected]                             519-827-8390

Leanne Caron: [email protected]                               519-835-1136

Ward 6:

Dominique O’Rourke: [email protected]         226-821-1126            

Mark MacKinnon: [email protected]                    519-829-5137


Send a letter to the editor

Guelph Mercury-Tribune: [email protected]

Guelph Today: [email protected]



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