The Reformatory lands need your support!

A key decision will be made by Guelph City Council on June 14th which will determine if the Ontario Reformatory lands will include the necessary protection for future public enjoyment of its unique parkland.

The Ontario government is planning to sell off the Ontario Reformatory lands. This is an opportunity for the key parts of the OR lands to be preserved as a rare treasure – a large urban green space accessible to the public, to be protected in perpetuity for current and future generations and shared use.

City Staff are only recommending designation under Part 4 of the Heritage Act which would Protect several buildings. The Guelph Heritage Committee is recommending Part 5 as well to protect the Cultural Heritage Landscape of the OR.  This combination of protections will guarantee that these heritage assets will be protected for future generations as a Heritage Conservation District and will provide a greater chance of the Ontario Reformatory lands remaining in the public realm.

City Council has been handed a gift through the heritage designation process.  The Province has asked the City of Guelph to carry out heritage designation for the site in Preparation for the provincial sale of the Ontario Reformatory lands.  Under the Heritage Act, the City is able to spell out which cultural heritage assets should be conserved, including how the Cultural Heritage Landscape of the Ontario Reformatory can be protected for future generations.

Email Guelph City Councillors

Contact Mayor Guthrie and your ward councillor and tell them you support the recommendation of the citizens Heritage Committee, because designating a Heritage Conservation District through the combined Part 4 and 5 in the Ontario Reformatory Lands will fulfill the vision of the Guelph Innovation District plan and increase the likelihood that the site will remain in the public realm now and in the future.

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The Yorklands Green Hub is seeking access to 70 acres of the Reformatory Lands for sustainable innovation, environmental education and stewardship for generations to come. On these heritage lands we aim to create a landmark centre of cultural and natural engagement for the City and Province.


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Take Action

Speak to City Council

Citizen delegates can make 5-minute presentations to Guelph City Council at the meeting on June 14th, 2021.  The deadline to register to speak is 10 am on Friday, June 11th.  Register by emailing [email protected] or by phoning the City and asking to speak to the Clerks’ office. (519-822-1260).


Phone and write to members of Council

Make your views known to members of Council.  Contact Mayor Guthrie and your ward councillor. Tell them you support...